Investment Application

Posted On: 2016-06-29 15:37:22

Our Investment Policy in Zone B

In Zone A, investors planning to locate in the Zone A of Thilawa SEZ (i.e. first phase) are scrutinized based on (9) priority factors that mainly include (a) number of employees (b) investment amount (c) level of exports (d) whether or not the technology is new to Myanmar (e) whether or not the investor is a reputable and transparent entity (f) investment per hectare (g) number of employee per hectare (h) level of water consumption and (i) level of electricity consumption. The quantitative assessment system ensures that each investor gets adequate level of weighted average points (that are calculated based on given priority factors) to be granted investment license.

As a result, many investors were granted license within a short time. These investors widely range from export-oriented investors to domestic market oriented investors, manufacturers, assemblers, packaging, service providers, and traders that are considered, through quantitative and qualitative assessments, that they would contribute towards development of respective economic sectors by providing technology and product that are new to Myanmar, that could substitute imports, and services that could facilitate investments, and are complimentary to existing and future investors.

The investment policy of the Thilawa Management Committee for the first phase of Zone B is to give more priority to labor-intensive industries and/or export-oriented industries. Out of these priority industries, the labor-intensive and export-oriented industries that require more inputs from industries outside the Thilawa SEZ (in other words, industries that will form stronger links with the firms outside the SEZ) will be given more weights. Quantitative and qualitative assessments will be adjusted accordingly so as to be in line with this investment policy and to increase the number of labor-intensive and export-oriented industries in the first phase of Zone B.

Thilawa SEZ Management Committee ensures to create a favorable, predictable and friendly investment climate by acting not only as the regulator of the Thilawa SEZ but also as an efficient facilitator and coordinator.